Solubility of nickel in γ iron is unlimited solubility in α iron is up to 10% and is in equilibrium with austenite. 
Nickel increases the hardness of steel, resistance, and influences the toughness and ductility mostly at low temperatures,
like chromium, increases the hardenability of steel. Nickel is austenite forming element, its influence on the steel structure
is similar to manganese.Low alloy steels containing 3-5% Ni have high strength, hardness and are resistant to abrasion, steel with
the content of 7-20% (also in combination with chromium ) are resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, are resistant to sea
water and acids. It is a very common ingredient used in stainlessl steel (inox) acid resistant steel, heat resistant steels
and creep resistant steel. Steel alloys containing 20-30% of this element show an increase in electrical resistance as well as
rising of the temperature. 60% Ni alloys, Fe 15%, 14% Cr are used as electrical resistance and elements resistant to acids.

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