Acid resistant steels are a group of high alloy stainless steel which like non-corrosive steel is resistant to atmospheric corrosion 
and corrosive operation, among the others cold diluted and concentrated sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, formic acid, etc.
The main alloying additions in these steels are:
-Chrome which occurs most frequently in the amount of about 18% and is responsible for resistance to oxidizing acids
-Nickel, which at the content of about 8-9%, fosters uniformity of structure and improves the resistance to sulfuric acid
(hence the popular designation of the international chrome-nickel stainless steel, "18 / 8")
-Molybdenum which improves the resistance the operation of reducing-acid
Stainless steel and acid resistant steel all over the world is known under the name of INOX (form French) acier inoxydable which
means stainless steel

The grade marking is modeled on the steels according to older GOST standards, it consists of the letters identifying the alloying
H - Chrome
N - Nickel
M - Molybdenum
T - Titanium
Nb - Niobium
G - Manganese
Cu - Copper
and numbers appearing after the letters refer to the average content of a certain element in %. In cases when the grades differ
only in the content of coal, for their distinction at the beginning of the marking, before the letter H the following numbers are
given 0,00,1,2
For example, H17N13M2T grade marking means steel with the average chrome content 17%, nickel 13%, 2% molybdenum and the addition
of titanium.

H18N10MT - stainless chromium-nickel-molybdenum-titanium
H17N13M2T - stainless chromium-nickel-molybdenum-titanium
1H18N9 - chrome-nickel steel
1H18N9T - stainless chromium-nickel-titanium
0H18N9 - chrome-nickel steel





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