Molybdenum dissolves in γ iron to about 3% in austenite containing about 0.30% of carbon - up to about 8%. 
In α-iron solubility of molybdenum is 32% and decreases with decreasing temperature.
Molybdenum is mostly added to steel in amounts of 0.2 - 0.3% (for some structural steels) 0,2-0 5%
(in some tool steels for cold and hot work), approximately 5% (high-speed steels), about 2-4% of some grades of
acid-proof steel (inox).The addition of this component increases the resistance to corrosion of steel in solutions containing
chlorides, prevents brittleness indulgence, increases the creep limit and creep resistance.
In tool steels, molybdenum operates similar to tungsten maintaining a cutting properties at high temperatures.
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