High-speed steels are high alloy steels of which are mainly used for making cutting tools working with the speed of about 30 m / min. 
that are required to maintain the hardness and abrasion resistance at temperatures
500-650 ° C. HSS can also be used for the production of springs working at higher temperatures and bearings operating at temperatures
of 400-500 ° C

High-speed steel contains about 30% of alloying elements:
-All contain about 4% chromium, 1-5% vanadium, to 19.5% tungsten
-most of them contain molybdenum-most 1-10% -Some of them contain 5-10% cobalt which improves the properties of the steel at higher temperatures
The carbon content should be sufficient to form carbides W, Mo, V.

High-speed steels can be divided into groups:
-High-speed tungsten steels containing W to about 12%
-Tungsten-speed steels containing about 18% in
-High-speed tungsten-molybdenum steels with content of W 6-10% and Mo 3-5,5%
-Molybdenum high-speed steels containing 8-9% Mo and W to 2%

In the marking of the grade S letter means high speed steel, next comes the letter that marks the component of alloy:
M - Molybdenum
S - Silicon
C -increased concentration of carbon ( at the end of steel marking )
V- Vanadium
W - Tungsten
K- Cobalt
The third position is the number (in the middle or end of the of the grade marking) which indicates the average content of
the alloy addition which symbol is proceeded by a certain number. For example, steel sign SW12C - means high speed steel
with an average tungsten content of 12% with higher carbon content

Huta - walcowania 1922
SW7M - tungsten-molybdenum-steel
SW18 - steel tungsten
SK10V - cobalt-vanadium-steel

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