Alloy tool steel for hot work, is used for making tools warming up during work, working at higher temperatures (below the tempering 
temperature) as well as the tools used to treatment of materials heated to the temperature of plasticity or to the liquid state.
These steels are characterized by high strength and hardness at higher temperatures, relatively small propensity to thermal fatigue,
high resistance to abrasion and destruction of the material being processed. Before the usage of tools made of alloyed hot work
steel, they should be warmed up to the temperature of about 200-250 ° C
In the grade marking the letter W 1 means hot work steel, in second place (as in the case of cold work steel) is the letter or group 
of letters identifying additional alloying element or group of components:
M - Manganese
S - Silicon
C - Chrome
N - Nickel
L - Molybdenum
V - Vanadium
W - Tungsten
K - Cobalt
P - Nickel + Chrome + Tungsten
Z - Tungsten + Vanadium + Silicon + Chromium
B - Boron
TIn the third place is the number (in the middle or end of the grade marking), which ranks the steel in terms of
difference in the amount of alloying elements and carbon.
For example, WNLV steel- means stainless hot work steel containing nickel, molybdenum, vanadium.

1 Rarely used BN standard may have the same markings as in the case of alloy steels.
The number at the beginning of the grade sign means the average carbon content in hundredths of%:
M - molybdenum
F - vanadium
S - silicon
G - manganese
H - chrome
N - Nickel
if the number appears after the letter it means the average component content in%, the letter A at the end means less acceptable
content of P and S.
For example, 32N4M sign means the steel with an average content of 0.32% C, containing an average of 4% nickel,
and molybdenum.
Huta hala kuźni 1922
WLV - molybdenum-vanadium steel X32CrMoV33, 1.2365
WNL - nickel-molybdenum steel
55NiCrMoV6, 1.2713
WWS1 - tungsten-silicon steel
WWV - tungsten-chrome-vanadium steel X30WCrV93, 1.2581
WWN1 - tungsten-nickel steel
WCL - chrome-molybdenum steel X38CrMoV51, 1.2343

WCLV - chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel X40CrMoV51, 1.2344

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