Carbon spring steels, due to the high level of carbon, and annealing after the hardening show good properties resilient 
and high limit of ductility. As they are characterized by low hardenability are suitable for making springs with small cuts. 
At higher temperatures above 150o C, they lose their elastic properties. Carbon spring steels are marked only with figure
which gives the average carbon content in hundredths of %.
Polish standards specify three grades of carbon steel spring.
wlewek stalowy 50 Ton - wyjazd z pieca
Spring steel 65 - 1.0603, 1CS67, C67, C67S
Spring steel 75 - 1.0606, C75, C75S, CK75
Spring steel 85 - 1.1269, 2CS85, C85S, CK85, 1.0616

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