Bearing steels are used for the production of components such as ball bearings, rings, shafts. Typical bearing steels are 
high-carbon-chrome steels and their chemical composition is similar to the composition of tool steels. For making beads
up to the diameter of 30mm ŁH15 grade is used, ŁH15SG grade is used for the production of balls and rollers with the diameter
over 30 mm and rings whose thickness reaches more than 15mm. For the production of bearings exposed to corrosion H18 grade of
stainless steel is recommended and for the production of special bearings (among the others roller bearings) with the diameter
of 500-2000 mm 20H2N4A steel is used. Bearings exposed to high temperature of 400-500 ° C are produced from chrome-molybdenum-
vanadium steel or of hight speed steel.The marking if typical bearing steel starts with the letter Ł, the second letter H is chrome,
next number 15 means 1.5% content in the chromiumcomposition. Next markings in the ŁH15SG grade refer to the content of silicon S and

Huta Królewska rok 1920
ŁH15 - chrome steel
ŁH15SG - chrome-silicon-manganese

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