Carbon tool steels belong to a group of tool steels for cold work. They are the simplest due to the chemical composition 
of steels utilities. They are used for making tools not exposed to work in high temperatures that do not require a high
hardenability, which do not require a very high abrasion resistance. These steels are used for making hand tools and
machinery that are exposed to impacts and shocks at work and which do not warm up at work above 250oC. The symbol
of the grade, after the letter N, the number indicates the carbon content, if the letter E does not occur it indicates deep
hardening steel,if it occurs, it indicates shallow hardening steel and less content in relation to deep hardening steel, the
following elements : Mn - manganese , Si - silicon , Cr - chromium, Ni - nickel, Cu - copper, and less content
of phosphorus and sulfur of 0.005%

N8E - N8, C80W1, 1.1525, C80W2, 1.1625
N9E - N9, C85W, 1.1830
N10E - N10, C105W, 1.1545

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